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#include <mathplot.h>

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Public Member Functions

 mpFX (wxString name=wxEmptyString, int flags=mpALIGN_RIGHT)
virtual double GetY (double x)=0
virtual void Plot (wxDC &dc, mpWindow &w)

Protected Attributes

int m_flags
 Holds label alignment.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class providing plot and labeling functionality for functions F:X->Y. Override mpFX::GetY to implement a function. Optionally implement a constructor and pass a name (label) and a label alignment to the constructor mpFX::mpFX. If the layer name is empty, no label will be plotted.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mpFX::mpFX ( wxString  name = wxEmptyString,
int  flags = mpALIGN_RIGHT 
name Label
flags Label alignment, pass one of mpALIGN_RIGHT, mpALIGN_CENTER, mpALIGN_LEFT.

References mpLAYER_PLOT.

Member Function Documentation

virtual double mpFX::GetY ( double  x  )  [pure virtual]

Get function value for argument. Override this function in your implementation.

x Argument
Function value

Referenced by Plot().

void mpFX::Plot ( wxDC &  dc,
mpWindow w 
) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

int mpFX::m_flags [protected]

Holds label alignment.

Referenced by Plot().

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